Rippers : London

Paris Underground

The session opens with the Rippers reviving a captured thief,T J Raffles, also a well known cricket player. He is quite an agreeable fellow, and relates the plan to nick the Star of Svengali. He also explains how his associate, “Bunny” Manders was poised to take a handoff if the thing went tits up, and then they would meet up in Paris.

Satisfied with Raffle’s story, the Rippers split up, with James and Dr. P staying in London to do more research (and attend an important meeting) while Sister K, Henry, and Rose head to Paris.
James meets with the enigmatic Leona DuVall, who explains she was looking for him to warn him of the impending theft. She knows of it because she was the original contractor, but ultimately turned down the job. She was spooked because the contractor predicted the exposure of the Star approximately two weeks before the event.

Meanwhile in London, the three tourists attempt to crash a pre-arranged meeting between raffles and Bunny at the Notre Dame. Bunny scampers off, and the ensuing chase leads to his capture. With no more fortitude than Raffles, Bunny allows that he hid the Star in the tunnels below Paris, but can no longer get to it because the tunnels are haunted! He also reveals that the buyer of the stolen Star intends to take it to Egypt.

The tourists go to the spot in the tunnels indicated by Bunny, and sure enough, the ghost of a Templar Knight appears to Sister K, imploring her to release him by cleansing or destroying holy relics buried near by. These are found, but more ghosts of corrupted Templars attack, and are defeated only by Sister K’s divine power. The relics prove to be the quite famous, and quite corrupt. Sister K knows of the ritual needed to cleanse/destroy them, but needs resources of a Lodge Library.

Meanwhile, a search of the hiding place of the Star reveals that it has been taken! Their only lead now is in Egypt somewhere…..


Yeah, a recap!

Paris Underground
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