Rippers : London

The Western Sun

The PCs finally reach Venice, and take ship for Cairo. They are met on board by Karl’s new character, who introduces himself and pays for upgrades to their cabins. He has been invited to join the Rippers, and was dispatched to join the team straight away, as his expertise in Egyptology would figure to be valuable.

In Alexandria, the Rippers find their way to the Alexandria Lodge, and search the extensive library there. The most important discovery is what was there, but is now gone: Muhammed himself was there with famous Cairo Lodge leader Alan Frazier, and one of Frazier’s maps from his personal collection, now missing as well. Luckily the librarian remembers the visit and Frazier’s collection quite well, and tells the Rippers that the missing map is that of the Saqqara Necropolis, in the desert south of Cairo. Alarmed, but armed with another lead, the Rippers head to Cairo.

In Cairo they track down the Lodge, and find that Frazier has not been seen in a few days, but that he had commissioned a caravan to Saqqara. The Rippers fanned out to gather supplies for the trip, and see what could be learned about Frazier and perhaps Muhamed. Not much was learned, but in the course of his searches, James came upon the Western Sun Cafe, a little joint reputed to be a tourist trap. Cole entered, and found he was the only man there. Not sure what to make of it, he ordered a drink, and was drugged and knocked out.

Shortly thereafter Rose, Cecila, and Karl’s manservant visit the Cafe. Celina and Karl’s manservant are knocked out quickly, but Rose manages to avoid the knockout drops and races for help.

The rest of the Rippers return to a deserted Cafe, but find a hidden basement where James, Celina, and Karl’s manservant are locked up. In an adjoining cell, a feral person, is chained. he acts viscious, very much like a vampire, and ultimately is killed for it after nearly biting Henry. They also find Alan Frazier – he tells them that Muhamed told him they would meet here, but never showed.

Just as Frazier was about to related details, a mysterious person known as The Scarab accosts the Rippers with aid from three mummies. All 4 are beaten in a tough fight. The Rippers clean up the mess and re-organize to head down to Saqqara to find an invisible pyramid.


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