Rippers : London


The captive shadow captured by James and Dr P. last week gives up his employer – Amir Sheikh Muhammed. Muhammed is a well known Egyptologist,with a reputation for crackpot theories. The PCs head to Egypt, after sending word to Dame Bettina that they are experiencing problems with delivery of her gem tomorrow morning.

They take a train to Venice, intending to take ship to Alexandria there. Italian officials hold up the PCs at the Italian border, citing incomplete paperwork. The Rippers realize the official has been bribed, and pay $10 to trump that bribe and go on. They try to learn who paid to stop them, and get only general information about an Englishman who paid to hold them up to miss their connection in Venice.

Shortly after train starts again, The Rippers are accosted by a conductor, who asks if any are officials or police. He explains that a passenger is dead. The corpse is in a compartment alone, and the entire compartment is like a deep freeze. The unsettled Rippers interview the dead man’s companions, who relate that the victim was accosted by some sort of horrible ghost. Searching for some connection, the Rippers learn that the men all gambled at a sinister club in Paris, and made a very public bet with each other that the last man still alive would get everybody else’s assets. While the interviews proceed, Dr P. and Henry go to the sleeping compartment where the travelers kept their luggage, checking to see if the men had anything in their possessions that might cause the haunting. One of them discovers a crudely made doll, and picks it up. The ghost appears immediately, causing the room temperature to plummet. The terrified Rippers shrink back – Dr. P actually has a heart attack. The ghost demands that the doll be destroyed, which Henry does by grinding it under his foot. The ghost lets out a shriek of release and triumph, and disappears, but the damage is done – Dr. P lays inert on the cabin floor, his eyes wide and staring, his face a rictus of pain and terror, his fist clutching his shirt front. Suddenly his features compose and he sits up. He gets calmly to his feet, says something to a dumbfounded Henry in a language Henry neither knows nor even recognizes, then exist the compartment, and walks off of the rail car, which is speeding over the tracks at nearly 90 kph.

Henry races back to the cabin, and the Rippers wring the story from one of the survivors – he created the doll and cast a ritual to summon the ghost of a voodoo sorcerer to kill his friends – simple greed. The thunderstruck Rippers then learn from James exactly what happened to Dr. P. He was hosting a demon, and the extreme trauma apparently gave it control of his now dead body!


I don’t know if it will come into play, but we do have Dr. P’s glove.

Also, typo in 2nd to last paragraph, second to last line = exist should be exits.

MCOlson MCOlson

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