Dr Mohandas Punjar

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Dr. Mohandas Punjar is on Indian descent. He has very dark brown skin and sports a greying beard and moustache. This hair is as coarse as a wire brush and unruly, thus the reason it sticks out like he’s constantly being zaped by electricity.

He often wears the traditional Indian garb of light loose fitting linens and an old turban, browned and blackened from many years of oil stained hands touching it.

He is never without his thick long overcoat that keeps his thin frame warm as well as keeping a place for various tools for his studies. One can’t be without a good wrench or screwdriver!

Goggles adorn his face, or propped upon his forehead, at the ready to be used in case the doctor needs a quick field test of one of his experiments.


Dr. Mohandas Punjar is a middle aged man of Indian descent. He was a scientist and professor at Delhi University up until about a year ago when he left for personal reasons.

He doesn’t speak much of his life in India, except that if asked, he misses it.

Those that know him and call him friend know of him to be a kind and gentle soul and loyal companion.

Dr. Punjar is a man of SCIENCE! first and fore most. He believes that SCIENCE! is the answer to the threat of the Cabal. He has vowed to use his knowledge to fight in this war against those creatures that lurk in the dark and prey on innocents.

Dr Mohandas Punjar

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